UPDATE: Willis, TX—July 8, 2020

Hello friends!  

What a year it’s been! We certainly hope you and your family are well.  Like you, we‘ve been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation.  After much prayer and consideration, it is with great disappointment that we decided to cancel our 2020 event scheduled for September 25 and moved it to 2021.  The guidelines for large events make it quite difficult to hold a fun event; therefore we made the decision to forgo an event in 2020.

But mark your calendar because our 2021 event will be fabulous! We are planning to make it bigger and better.

Our new date is March 26, 2021.

Location: The Woodlands Resort, 2301 N. Millbend Drive, The Woodlands.  

Doors open at 10:30 am, lunch will be served at noon. We are excited that our special speaker, Troy Ball, is available for our 2021 event. 

Additional details will be available at a later date.

2020 Guest Speaker

“I decided to learn how to make moonshine. I liked the authenticity of it, the fact that it was America’s original spirit, and it filled a niche.”

A Vanderbilt grad, former national equestrian champion, and the mother of three sons including two with special needs—Troy Ball and her business partner husband, Charlie, opened Troy & Sons Distillers in Asheville, North Carolina, making what some old-time shiners call “real good boot.”

Born and raised in Texas, she and her husband left their native home for Asheville, North Carolina, because the climate was better for the health of her two special needs sons. In her new home, this dynamic mom found something she never expected: time for herself. Little did she know she would become the first woman to build a whiskey distillery since Prohibition.

Her story of grace and grit is an inspiration. Her work with her eldest son, Marshall, who is confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak, resulted in the publication of two books, including Kiss of God: The Wisdom of a Silent Child. She also cofounded Thoughtful House Center for Children (now named the Johnson Center) in Austin, Texas, for children with autism and other developmental disorders.

Read more about Troy at Country Living

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